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About Wellness . . .

I am a seeker and a guide, a teacher and a learner. I believe that we all have the power to achieve wellness and healthy living. I know that feeling good, healthy, and well doesn’t need to be complicated. In my own life the foundations of my wellness include love, both of self and others, peace in mind and in action, connection to my own organism and the world around me, and joy. There are the tenets that I strive to attend to in my personal practice each and every day. These foundations are paramount in how I offer my classes and engage with every person who walks through my door.

Deeply rooted in the formal study of Kinesiology, I have a strong understanding of how the human body moves and functions. I have complimented my Kinesiology education with formal training in yoga (200 hour teacher training in Hatha Yoga) and Pilates (STOTT Pilates Instructor). Over the 25 years of my work in health and wellness I have extended my learning to include training in Somatics, Myofascial Release and Energetic Medicine. All of these different movement styles can be found in my classes. My approach to wellness and health consist of “a little bit of everything, and not too much of any one thing ”.

To compliment my offerings in physical movement I also offer therapeutic and aroma massage. Therapeutic Massage can be accessed to deepen one’s physical healing and connection, to provide deeper physical rest and relaxation, and to pinpoint specific areas that may require more attention. Aroma Massage includes the use of Young Living TM Essential Oils to not only assist with physical healing and relaxation; but also to incorporate the balancing of mind and spirit. Massage sessions may also include the addition of Energetic Medicine techniques to help calm, soothe, energize, or activate the body’s energetic and nervous system.

For those who are interested deeper inquiry I can also assist with guided Tarot/Oracle readings. These sessions focus more on the development of the mind and spirit. The cards are used to provide a medium that can encourage subconscious and latent thoughts to arise. This process can break the habitual thinking patterns of the seeker thereby giving the seeker a new perspective, a new plan, or a new realization. This breaking of the routine can provide a jumping off platform for new practices or lifestyle changes that can assist the seeker to do what needs to be done to live their best life.

My approach to living a Well and Joyful life hinges on affecting change in body, mind, and spirit. . Everything I offer is a threefold approach; engaging body, mind, and spirit, to provide as much information as each student may require to live their best life. I consistently introduce new techniques and explore new concepts within my classes as well as in my private lessons. I maintain a light heart, a deep gratitude, and a commitment to serve in the best way I can.

Love, Peace, Breathe Deep.