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mindfulness. observation. somatic. acceptance. inquiry. centering

Welcome to MOSAIC. The videos posted here are invitations for you to explore your mindful connections to your breath and your body. All videos are inclusive of abilities, mobilities, and are  an invitation for you to participate in the way that feels best for you in your body at this  moment.

Feel free to contact me with any questions of this or any of the offering found here.  

For those looking for a more active practice please visit the Your Home Practice tab found in the Menu Bar at the top of the page.  

Many blessings.


MOSAIC Loving Kindness

You may want to have a chair or a cushion to sit on. Energy medicine, movement and a loving kindness meditation.

MOSIAC Stopping the Story

Using mindfulness, movement, and breath to open to new sensations.

MOSAIC Regulating Breath and Movement

Using a regulated breath and exploring how movement can affect our breath awareness.

MOSAIC Breath and Nurturing

Today  we explore breath and movement for nurturing and finding pleasure.  A Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) practice was not recorded but I will be it adding that separately.

MOSAIC Finding our Centre

Using Movement in a gentle inversion we work with our breath and finding our centre.

MOSAIC Grounding and Breath

Our first class focuses on becoming grounded and connecting breath with movement.  You may want to have chair, a cushion, and a blanket for added comfort.