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 Raynor Relaxation Massage

Relaxation style massage focused providing gentle tension release, decreasing anxiety, and promoting overall muscular relaxation.

60 minutes  $84.00


Relaxation style massage using up to three Young LivingTM essential oils to assist with reducing tension and releasing stress.

60 minutes  $89.25

90 minutes $126.00 

Raynor Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage 

Raynor Massage is a system of bodywork that incorporates deep tissue massage

to release tension from the body focusing on the muscular system,

the skeletal system, and the subtle body energy systems. It has evolved from a

combination of different styles from around the world that

include Therapeutic massage,  Acupressure, Ayurvedic bodywork , 

Swedish, Hawaiian and Remedial massage; as well as  Shiatsu, and hand/foot reflexology.

90 minutes $120.00

5  Point Elemental Massage

A combination of Healing Touch, massage and reflexology 

focused on the head, hands and feet.

45 minutes $63.00 

Add up to 3 essential oils $68.25

Energy ReBalancing Aromassage

Multiple Young LivingTM  essential oils (5-7 layered on the body all chosen

intuitively for each client to assist in energetic re-balancing, 

Chakral alignment, and to create a deeper sense

 of harmony and peacefulness.

90 minutes  $128.10

Card Readings

60 minutes $84.00

Energy Medicine Sessions

60 minutes $84.00