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Things to try...

This section will be added to on a weekly basis to offer you practices to assist in living your best life. Meditations, yoga vinyasas, pilates repertoire, breath practices, cards readings, art videos, and anything else that I encounter on my own journey will be added here. If there is anything you would like to learn about send me a message and we can explore together.

Love, Peace, Breathe Deep!

Fusion 1

A shorter class focused on balance and stability with a special focus on the feet and outer thighs.

Relaxation Yoga

A slow and quiet class to prepare for a good night's sleep, or for a gentle pause in the middle of your day.

Hatha Yoga

A Hatha Flow class suitable for all levels.


A Fusion class that starts with a Hatha style Yoga flow and end with some core strengthening in the anterior and posterior chains.

Yoga for Awareness

A well rounded fundamental practice perfect for those new to yoga or anyone wanting to leave space for breath awareness.


This class commences with dynamic breath and some manual foot release work.  There is lunging sequence and we end with an abbreviated series of 5 abdominal exercise and some cool down stretches.