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Things to try...

This section will be added to on a weekly basis to offer you practices to assist in living your best life. Meditations, yoga vinyasas, pilates repertoire, breath practices, cards readings, art videos, and anything else that I encounter on my own journey will be added here. If there is anything you would like to learn about send me a message and we can explore together.

Love, Peace, Breathe Deep!

Fusion 1

A shorter class focused on balance and stability with a special focus on the feet and outer thighs.

Relaxation Yoga

A slow and quiet class to prepare for a good night's sleep, or for a gentle pause in the middle of your day.

Hatha Yoga

A Hatha Flow class suitable for all levels.


A Fusion class that starts with a Hatha style Yoga flow and end with some core strengthening in the anterior and posterior chains.

Yoga for Awareness

A well rounded fundamental practice perfect for those new to yoga or anyone wanting to leave space for breath awareness.


This class commences with dynamic breath and some manual foot release work.  There is lunging sequence and we end with an abbreviated series of 5 abdominal exercise and some cool down stretches.

Basic Strength and Stretch

A short amd sweet core and release video for your daily practice.

Express Pilates Strength Practice

A 25 minute practice of strength and mobility. No props needed just your mat. 

Dr. Ananda's Energy Release and Balancing

A great technique to let of the our blocks, the yuckies, or to re-up ourselves. The louder you do it the better!!

Thank you to Dr. Ananda to teaching me this!!

Somatics Superman

A compliment to the Arch and Cur, Superman helps to balance, activate open the diagonally patterning of the back line of the body

SomaticsTM Arch and Curl

Use Thomas Hanna's Arch and Curl exercise to help release tension and tightness from around your lower back and hips. A great exercise that will also  help quiet the mind and relax the whole body.

Daily Energy Routine

My 15 minute energy balancing routine to keep me humming. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

 A Hip Release Practice

This is short practice geared towards releasing tight hip. Great to use a stand alone or to supplement or fold into your current practice or gym work out.

Core Engagement

This is a short how to video to help students learn gentle and effective core engagement.

Buddhist Heart Meditation

A great practice for those who have a hard time stilling their mind. this meditation adds hand movements linked to breath which helps to maintain a gentle mindful presence .

Cozy and Content

Adapted from The Women's Book of Meditation by Hari Kaur Khalsa, this is a lovely way to enhance your appreciation for your day. Enjoy!

10 minute Yoga Practice

Stop looking for the perfect place to practice and role out your mat and join me for this quick yoga break. Repeat it 2-3 times for a longer practice, add a savasana a the the end, or just roll up you mat and walk away when its done.  

Every little bit elicits change. 


Love, Peace, Breathe Deep!

Calming the Nervous System

This Pranayama (breath regulation) practice is known as Anuloma Viloma or  Nadi Shodhana; alternate nostril breathing. Use it daily to calm the nervous system and to create some space between what is going on in the eternal world and how you choose to interact with that world.


Desire Map Book Group 

Here is the video explanation for the Desire Map book club that will be meeting Nov. 18 at 2:30 pm. Please contact me for more information and to let me know if you would like to attend.